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personal training costs

Mobile Personal Training Cost & Pricing Guide

We understand that looking for a personal trainer can be a big decision. We aim to give you all the information you need to give you the confidence you are making the right decision.

One of the biggest questions we get asked from you is what is the price of such a stellar service?


Only joking I would never say we are the best however we do our best to try and we do this by consistently asking for feedback to improve the quality we provide you!


This blog will guide you along the path of knowing why we charge what we charge. We're going to answer that burning question and provide you with a clear understanding of the factors that influence personal training costs.


But we're not just here to throw numbers at you, we understand that making the decision to invest in personal training can be daunting which is why we have set this up to break it all down for you.

Understanding Your Concerns


Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of personal training costs, let's acknowledge your concerns. You might be feeling a bit overwhelmed or even anxious about the financial aspect of personal training. The fear is normal! When you purchase a physical product you are actually able to see it's tangible worth however a service like ours is really intangible... The fear of overspending or not getting your money's worth is entirely normal. We've been there, too.



We're Your Expert Guide


Now, let's address why you should trust us. We're not just content creators; we're experts in the "They Ask, You Answer" philosophy. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need to make an informed decision.

understanding the costs of personal training
undestandig your concerns

We've helped countless individuals like you navigate the world of personal training. Think of us as your tour guides from stage 0 to the finish line that being your end goal!


So, what will you take away from this guide? By the end of this article, you'll have a clear understanding of what goes into personal training costs, the average price range you can expect, and how to find affordable options. We are not here to sell our service but provide an unbiased outlook on what changes the price of a service that is provided by so many out there today.

what are our prices

What Are Our Prices?


I want this guide here too educate you but also to give you full transparency! We provide a few services here at Dynamicrecov and feel as if we have made sure they are inclusive to allow people from all over the nation the opportunity to improve their health.


With varying price points for each service let me break down the differences starting with our premium service face to face personal training.

price of personal trainer

Face to Face Personal Training


Our prices start from $85 per session and each session runs for 45 minutes in duration. Included within this service is a complementary initial consultation where you will receive an assessment of your health and your goals related to training.


Within this service you will also be getting external programming and homework based around your goals, strengths and weaknesses.


Your face to face coach provides you with accountability with weekly check ins outside of your session times paired up with the face to face session you can not get out of!!


At Dynamicrecov we have a team of professionals here that will assist your coach if there were any bottlenecks received in your service also!


There is no contract terms with us however we do require at least an 8 week commitment paired up with a 30 days notice period for cancelling your membership. We do also ask that you provide your coach with 14 hours notice prior to a session if you would like to cancel to give them the ability to move another client into your proposed time or you will be charged a full session cost.



Online Based Personal Training



For this service we have realised over time that it only works as a rolling membership which we have priced at $80/week being a lowest cost point for personal training.


With this service you will have a coach in your pocket that designs, implements and assesses your program on a weekly basis. You will also receive nutritional guidance and support that comes alongside with this coach.


This service comes with a complimentary initial consult that builds a profile on you about their current health/fitness scores and goals.


Going forward your coach will set you up with a 1 hour consult to further build your program and set guidelines, protocols and targets that will be reassessed every week/month. At the completion of a month of training your coach will take you through another shorter form assessment that runs for 30 minutes to assess the previous month and build on the following.


Weekly you will be coming together with statistics, education points and assessments that are made to ensure you are on the right track!



online nutrition coaching

Online Nutrition Coaching


We have tried and tested a few formulas when it comes to nutrition coaching however we believe we have found the winning ticket when it comes to finding a solution that works for everyone!


This service is a rolling membership similar to online personal training where you will be paired with a nutritionist/dietician that guides you towards your health goals.

This membership comes at a cost of $80/week and works in a very similar way to online personal training. This works by your coach setting you up with a complimentary session to build a profile around your current health and nutrition status.


Following from this they will be completing a 1 hour consultation with you which takes you through your individualised program, protocols and targets you will be achieving alongside your coach every week/month.


Every week you will be checking in and getting down some statistics to ensure you are on the right path. Every month you will have a mini consult that runs for 30 minutes that assesses the previous month but builds onto your next month!



Factors Affecting Personal Training Costs


Before we discuss specific numbers, let's break down the key factors that influence personal training costs. Understanding these variables is essential to make sense of the pricing differences you'll encounter:



Trainer's Qualifications and Expertise


The knowledge, experience and study each personal trainer goes through in their career differs from person to person. Some pride themselves of having many years and hours of face to face experience while others pride themselves on the amount of study they have completed. But how does their experience or knowledge affect you?


There are personal trainers out there that I respect and value for their knowledge that have only done a 12 month tafe course. While I

have also met some that have completed 3+ degrees that I believe would do well if they committed some time in the field.



Giving you a simple answer... A trainer with many years experience working with similar clientele will have social proof of performance and seeing client results and reviews will provide this for you.


personal training qualifications

Seeing a trainer that has spent the last 5+ years studying is also a great thing to see as they have dedicated time to their field to learn, adapt and have the knowledge backing to understand the theories behind every one of your questions. Try understand what you are looking for from a trainer, one that will provide you with up to date knowledge to guide you in a safe direction or one that will guide you through experience with others who may have had similar goals to you. Your decision to make :)


There is another genre of trainers out there and this for me takes the cake when it comes to pricing for training. They are called specialists. These trainers have dedicated their time into a niche within the health and fitness industry and basically have become the experts of that area. This would be the road you should take if you have a specific goal let me explain. If you are a marathon runner going to a coach that specialises in that sport would be much better than going to a experienced/studious personal trainer as they live and breathe that area of fitness. Only issue is that they may be more on the pricey side for that fact.



personal training locations

Location and Gym Affiliation


So if you are not across what inflation is let me explain in a short sentence. Inflation refers to the price of goods and services. Higher inflation means higher prices. The closer you are to a major city the higher the inflation (generally) and you would notice this if you ever go to a restaurant in the city compared to a restaurant in the suburbs. This does not differ to personal training and it is known that higher income areas tend to also attract higher priced goods/services. So if you do live in an area that is considered wealthy, expect to pay up when it comes to personal training also. This is also true for the fact that the further you are from a major city should mean you would find cheaper prices or lower inflation when it comes to personal training.



This is where I would recommend going to companies that offer personal training which would have a general price across board that takes into account all service area. (like ours wink wink)


I have been asked this question many times in my years as a personal trainer. What is the difference between gym and outdoor personal training. The price difference can be attributed to a few things. Taking out the difference in education and experience and let us use a carbon copy of a trainer that does outdoor and gym training. That trainer will be charging a higher fee for outdoor training as they would have to bring equipment and travel to your desired location. That personal trainer will be teaching you ways you can modify your environment for success in your health and fitness journey from the comfort of your home. If you go to a gym it is on you to turn up and there will be fees involved with cancellations, you will have to pay that gym a membership fee every week on top of the personal trainer cost and you will become reliant on the gym for the only place you can exercise. Once you weigh these things against each other the cost to me becomes pretty even.



Training Frequency and Duration


If you are training more frequently with a trainer they would be more inclined to offer you a cheaper per session fee for two reasons:


  1. They assume greater results with more contact with you meaning a greater reputation

  2. Servicing a lower number of clients means they can service you better than servicing the masses

The duration of the session will also have an impact for two reasons also:

  1. Longer sessions means they have less time to schedule other people into their timetable so charging higher as you ask for longer sessions

  2. Shorter sessions means they can book in multiple people back to back e.g. creating a 9-5pm window but for personal training so you will notice lower prices to entice you

factors affecting pt costs

Short-term commitments



  • Not locked into a long term contract is always great!

  • You may receive a great service as trainers will be more inclined to try win you for longer terms

  • You will receive a routine and program that you may be able to use forever!



  • Decreased chance of you getting your desired outcome or goal in shorter time frames

  • You may be unhappy with results achieved if you have high expectations

  • High costs for decreased output

pros and cons of personal training

Long-term commitments



  • You have a higher chance of attaining your goals and desires

  • You learn a lot about your health and fitness

  • Gain new skills, knowledge and ways to create your own success forever

  • Habits that have a higher chance of sticking with you



  • Commitments that may be difficult to get out of even if you lose interest

  • Can become a financial burden

  • Decreased service IF your trainer has a mindset that "they are staying with me anyway"



Specialised Services and Equipment


I touched on earlier that specialised trainers are basically those that have dedicated time and effort into a little subsection of the industry. For example, coaches for specific sports or athletes. They will have higher charges when compared to a personal trainer as they are one of the select few that can provide this service to you with quality.


If you are looking for general health and fitness goals then a normal personal trainer will be a better option as they service people just like you.


You also have to take into account there are trainers out there that may have done study in nutrition or dietetics and could offer you specialised nutritional guidance, support and meal plans that will all come at additional costs.


When it comes to a service like personal training, equipment can play a part and a trainer that drives to you with a mini gym in their van/truck will potentially charge for that too!

average personal training costs

Average Personal Training Costs


Now, let's dive into the numbers. What can you expect in terms of personal training costs? We'll provide you with a ballpark figure based on national averages and regional variations. Remember, these are just averages, and individual costs can vary widely.

average pt costs

National Averages



Let us dive into this!


I am going to base most of my knowledge regarding prices on the city of Sydney but also dive into what you can expect across the board in terms of Australia.



Sydney Personal Trainer prices



Generally from my years in the industry I can estimate that the average personal trainer cost for a session will come to $60 - $100. This takes into account the pooling of new, less educated personal trainers and highly professional, experienced and knowledgeable experts in their craft.



Australia wide Personal Trainer prices


I have taken my time to research this as we do currently service clients across the country and from this I can confidently say the average price comes to $50 - $85 and this would make some sense when comparing to Sydney. As I had stated earlier in my blog major cities tend to carry higher inflation, the closer you are to a hub the higher you would pay for everything. If you take national averages you would be bound to see a greater discrepancy however it would also take into account all the factors I listed above for when a trainer would charge more or less.


Something to note also is the difference between one on one coaching, group training and online training.



Types of Personal Training



Face to Face Personal Training


One on one coaching carries with it the greatest cost however it also comes with the best quality service as you are physically seeing this personal trainer. They will be able to correct your form, provide you tips in real time. The prices I have shown would account for this type of service.


There is one TOP TIP I can provide you when it comes to improving your service from personal trainers... Give FEEDBACK!! Most trainers would love to hear where they are going wrong and how they can improve so you giving that information out will only improve the service you are provided!




Group Training



Group training will come at the lowest cost bracket as you are paired up with multiple people to see one trainer. This means that the trainer will not be able to focus on you as much due to the load of looking after multiple people at once. Lowest cost for a reason right!


There is less of a chance of you getting individualised attention here however the greatest benefit from group training is you get to join a community of people doing the same thing as you!!

types of pt

Online Coaching



Online coaching is usually where you would find most specialists (or fitness influencers) who would provide you a program and check in with you either on the phone, virtual meetings or through text/email support. This tends to be on the cheaper end of the spectrum however if you find the correct coach and you are looking for a specialty the online market is a great place to look.


If you have a specific goal or sport that requires specialised attention maybe the online trainer market is the right choice for you! They are specialists and love what they do! If they provide you content everyday doing that specific area of health/fitness then why wouldn't they provide you with this service better than most?

online personal trainer

Finding An Affordable Personal Training


For those who are budget-conscious, personal training can still be a viable option. We'll provide you with tips and strategies to make personal training more affordable:



Negotiating Pricing


You have to remember something about the health and fitness industry. If you are seeing a personal trainer especially one that is not attached to a gym or company they are running their own business. They would be able to adjust the price within reason if you can confidently convince them that you are a client that will stay with them.


If you are the type of person that will use them for a freebie, program why expect to be provided a goof service at a lower cost?


Also keep in mind the harder you try bargain against someones prices, the more likely they will view you as a person that lacks commitment, is cheap and not worth their time. So even if you do sign on with that PT, do not expect a quality service if you forced a handout.


My best tip to getting a better deal is asking if you can try them out for a session (or 2). Find out about the quality, the session enjoyment then make a decision to join a contract or longer term with this trainer. By doing this you have stated that you are willing to stay along the ride for a journey with them and they will reward you for this too!



Package Deals and Discounts


You will notice most gyms, studios or trainers may entice you to purchase packages for cheaper discounts. This means you will have to pay a larger fee up front, be locked in a committed to that deal or package and/or feel pressured to continually purchase these packages.


Packages are great ways for you to get your foot in the door and get a feel for the service however it should not be looked at as a long term decision and instead as a feeler!


There are also companies that sell bundled services like training + nutrition (being the most common). These services will give you a 2 for 1 which is great! Who doesn't like that?


You can evaluate the bundle by looking for what you are actually offered and how much of each you actually get. I have seen bundled services that look really enticing that are just a generic meal plan and generic gym program that anyone can do. Might be good for some not so great for others! Research is king that is why you have me x



Exploring Community Resources



The beautiful thing about joining a larger company, gym or fitness community is just that you get to join a growing or already large community of people looking to make a change in their lives. If this seems like something you would want to do, find people that suit your new interests or maybe even learn from the pro's joining these communities is great.


Most communities are free to join or maybe you can purchase their cheapest offering for access to all of their free resources wink wink


The best way to find these is looking around on community pages, searching for fitness based community pages or joining already growing/big communities that have a backing. Most group training companies will have many people involved in not only the training side but within social page group pages like ours on facebook!


Find a place that elicits the culture you could see yourself enacting and this could be the right step forward for you :)




The Value of Personal Training



While we've been talking a lot about costs, it's crucial to recognise the value that personal training can bring to your fitness journey. The benefits often outweigh the financial investment:



achieving your fitness

Achieving Fitness Goals



Having a personal trainer takes the work involved with deciding what and how to train/exercise for your goals. You are basically outsourcing the headache involved in finding the right step forward between yourself now and your ideal version of yourself in the future. This really accelerates your progress as you do not have to rely on yourself to take time out of your day to craft a system you can pay someone with experience to do it for you.


A good personal trainer will sit with you and create a success plan that is tailored to your needs/wants. Having these two things aligned means that you will have a roadmap that you just tick off week by week. The more weeks, months you tick off the closer you are to your destination. However a good trainer will also make sure there is a never-ending road so you continue with exercise for life!

findig an affordable pt
the value of pt

I had a client who I would call a friend now come to me 4 years ago! She came to me wanting to lose half of her bodyweight which was crazy to hear but I sat there and listened to her story which I will break down for you.


She was 150kg, found it difficult to walk without needing to take a break (this usually meant breaks every 10-20 metres), needed to take an uber from her home to get to the station (this would usually take between 5-10 minutes walking). At 43 years of age she had never exercised or trainer in her lifetime her version of training being she went to the pub and drunk red wine. Over time we battled through set backs but always saw the road ahead. We used a locker system where the first locker she was at was 150. Her goal was to get to locker 75. Through perseverance this client of mine was able to achieve her goal but since this has all shifted towards a new found passion for health and fitness. She is currently studying and completing her certificate IV in fitness, attempting and achieving new strength and fitness goals like a pull-up and 5km run, entering competitions and new studios based around yoga, circuit training and strength training and trying to find her style that suits her best.


What a change that was made and having a PT by her side made every step more visual than something unattainable. This is the true power of having a trainer by your side.

Accountability and Motivation


Trainer are not robots, but they tend to work different hours to the average person. If you think about it, the 9-5pm life would never suit a trainer as all their clients are all at work and in the office. The only times they can train are before and after work rushes. This tends to be around 5-9am and 4-8pm. Coming together this equates to 8 hours and the middle period is usually reserved for rest, check ins, content creation, homework and programming or even their own health and fitness activities.

accountability and motivation personal training

This means that when you train with them they are in work mode and one of their key roles as a PT is to motivate you to enjoy exercise and training. If you enjoy it you will stick to it and create a new version of yourself. I can not speak for all personal trainers but I would say most of them are in the industry with a passion to help people rather than just look at you as floating bills. This means you gaining something from your personal trainer is all they need to know they have done good work.


They keep you accountable by setting up weekly training times, they check in with you to make sure you are keeping on track and are highly energetic in their sessions to push you through to the end.

workout plans by personal trainer

Tailored Workout Plans


This may come to a debate so let me finish what I have to say... MOST and I mean most personal trainers if they are seeing you on a 1:1 basis will create specific personalised training plans to target your specific goals. Good trainers will make sure they fully understand your needs/wants so they can design a program that will get you from point A to point B. This means the exercises they put in your program have a purpose.


There are personal trainers out there that may create a generic program that they give to all of their clients (boring + lazy). I see this as a lack of effort on their part. However the time it takes for a trainer to design something for you that ticks off a number of boxes can be difficult let me explain why.


They have to make sure the program is purposeful and will get you from point A to B. They must also ensure it is not boring so you will enjoy all of your workouts which is difficult they need to understand you as a person. Two factors but big ones that cross over and affect each other all the time.

This can be really time consuming and may not be achieved in a matter of weeks. I would say for me to make a program for someone that is specific and be just what my client needs will take me at least 3 hours of contact with that person specifically for program creation. Anything under that and I can not promise that it will be either effective, enjoyable or both!


A generic plan is something that can be made for anyone and everyone. It had no thought process and was just a bunch of exercises put together with a purpose to just send it off to a client 'because they asked for one'. I have heard the horror stories, the shitty programs that have been curated by 'fitness influencers' attempting to gain traction on social media. Or selling programs they made for themselves as 'do this to look like me'. Cool you get a personalised program but that program was made for that person not you! Keep that in mind.






In conclusion, personal training is an investment in your health and fitness. While costs may vary, it's crucial to choose a plan that aligns with your budget and goals. Remember, the value of personal training goes beyond the numbers, and the benefits can lead to a happier, healthier you. By the end of this guide, we hope you have a clearer picture of how much personal training costs and how to make the most of your investment.

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