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mobile personal training

Our Mobile Personal Training Services

What is Mobile Personal Training?

Mobile Personal Training is when a Personal Trainer works one-on-one, in small groups or group training to help you achieve your goals, at a location of your choosing.


Personal Trainers create customised workout plans and nutritional plans & guidance tailored to your every goal. They combine the perfect amount of accountability and motivation needed for you progress in your fitness journey.

personal training

What are the benefit of Mobile Personal Training?

personal training planning


Personal Trainer's create a workout program and give your nutrition plans & guidance to make sure you are on the road to success.


personal training


Lower your risk of injury by getting taught how to perform exercises the right way with an experienced Personal Trainers.

qualified personal trainer


Getting the right advice when starting your fitness journey is a crucial step most people over look. A Personal Trainer will guide you to achieving your dream body.

personal trainer motivation


Personal Trainers will provide a combined mix of accountability and motivation to make sure you are on the way to achieving your goals.

Our Mobile Personal Training Services Offered

small group personal training
group personal training

Small Group Sessions

Personalised Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

1-on-1 personal training


One on one mobile personal training is one of our programs where you work one-on-one with your Personal Trainer to create a customised workout, whether that be home or your local park. This approach provides flexibility, saves time and a customised experience to achieve your fitness goals.

Small group mobile personal training is one of our programs where a Personal Trainer works with a group of up to 5 of your choice. Your Personal Trainer will provide a perfectly timed circuit and expert guidance to achieve fitness goals, whether that be at home or your local park.

Group Training

Group Training is one of our programs where you are provided a perfectly timed circuit, expert guidance and a supportive community to help achieve your fitness goals and learnings. In our Group Training Sessions you will train with like minded people at a local park.

  • What is the cost of a Mobile Personal Training session?
    A Mobile Personal Training session starts at $85.
  • How much does our Nutrition Coaching services cost?
    Our nutrition coaching services cost $80 per week.
  • What will happen during the Free Strategy Session?
    During the Free Strategy Session you will discuss goals, exercise programs, nutrition, and complete a health and fitness screening.
  • How long do the Personal Training sessions go for?
    Our Personal Training sessions go for 45 minutes. We've found this is the optimal amount of time to get a stretch, workout and cool-down in.
  • Any hidden fees or contracts?
    There are no hidden fees or contracts. Pay as you go!
  • Do you provide nutritional guidance and plans?
    Yes, we provide you with all the nutritional guidance and plans you need to achieve your fitness goals.
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