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34 Google reviews

I've worked with DynamicRecov for the past 6 months and not only has my dedication to training changed, but my lifestyle has changed too. I've seen massive changes in the way I look and feel. Giving me not only physical change but 


mobile personal training

We understand how hard is can be to decide which personal trainer will best suit you and fits your budget.

That is why at DynamicRecov we believe our prices need to be explained in some detail, to help you make the right...

What are the benefit of using DynamicRecov?

personal training planning


Personal Trainer's create a workout program and give your nutrition plans & guidance to make sure you are on the road to success.


personal training


Lower your risk of injury by getting taught how to perform exercises the right way with an experienced Personal Trainers.

qualified personal trainer


Getting the right advice when starting your fitness journey is a crucial step most people over look. A Personal Trainer will guide you to achieving your dream body.

personal trainer motivation


Personal Trainers will provide a combined mix of accountability and motivation to make sure you are on the way to achieving your goals.

Our Client Transformations

Embracing transformation of body and inner self.


Inspirational Transformation

Jodianne's incredible 1 year transformation, shedding 70 kilograms, showcases her dedication and resilience.


Yet, her journey's true beauty lies beyond external changes. Conquering self-doubt, she embraced confidence, reminding us that transformation isn't just physical—it's about rediscovering self-worth and embracing limitless possibilities.


What They're Saying About Trainers

Having known the team personally I can truely say you’re in no better hands than the team at dynamicrecov. These guys not only know their stuff back to front in terms of nutrition and training but outside of “work and training” they are also great people who want the best outcomes for their clients and friends.

It would be impossible to not recommend them more


Best choice going through Dynamic Recov to find a personal trainer for my daughter. Her personal trainer has been great with her, and I'm so glad Rianon was selected to work with us. My daughter plays AFL, and he has an AFL background, which helps her in so many ways. My daughter's fitness has improved so much in the past few weeks. I highly recommend Rianon and thank you.


We are very pleased with our personal trainer Rianon. He challenges us but is very willing to adjust exercises to our level of competence. Thoroughly recommend for other oldies like us.


Our time with Dynamic Recov has been amazing. From start to now! The friendly and helpful team, listening to our needs and supporting our goals as well as the way life is managed speaks to the flexibility and support the team at Dynamic Recov provide.

Billy, our PT is engaging and fun, he has managed to make us move with a laugh and we can see improvements already. He brings a well thought out program incorporating what we want to do in our sessions as well as challenging us weekly.

Thanks team @ Dynamic Recov, looking forward to continuing with you guys!


I am currently working with Billy from Dynamic recoveries, he has really structured a program that works with my health issues yet pushes me. There’s a focus on posture and making sure the movements have the right form. I’ve learnt a-lot about breathing also through these sessions. The ease of at home workouts really allows me to stick to the process and assists me with my work schedules.


Sofia is professional, supportive and a dynamic trainer. They foster such an encouraging and fun environment we look forward to every session. Highly recommend these guys for training at any level of fitness. They will tailor to your needs and mix things up to keep it interesting and engaging. The semi-regular in-home sessions has been a great way to build up and maintain our fitness. Thanks guys!


  • What is the cost of a Mobile Personal Training session?
    A Mobile Personal Training session starts at $85.
  • How much does our Nutrition Coaching services cost?
    Our nutrition coaching services cost $80 per week.
  • What will happen during the Free Strategy Session?
    During the Free Strategy Session you will discuss goals, exercise programs, nutrition, and complete a health and fitness screening.
  • How long do the Personal Training sessions go for?
    Our Personal Training sessions go for 45 minutes. We've found this is the optimal amount of time to get a stretch, workout and cool-down in.
  • Any hidden fees or contracts?
    There are no hidden fees or contracts. Pay as you go!
  • Do you provide nutritional guidance and plans?
    Yes, we provide you with all the nutritional guidance and plans you need to achieve your fitness goals.
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