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There are many factors that you should consider when it comes to living a fulfilled happy and long life and today I am here to argue the importance and role of movement in achieving this!

To me moving your body not only provides the physical benefits we can all agree on but the spiritual, mental and emotional benefits should never be underestimated.

That feeling you get after a training session, the mental clarity you gain after a big walk, the runners high you get after some intense cardiovascular activity or even the release of frustration from hitting the boxing bags.

For me I use a variety of differing training systems and programs which I use to benefit me in all areas and facets of life.

Finding Movement That Works For You

This is difficult to find... over the past 10 years my training has evolved and adapted to my preference and what I love doing. I began my journey as an athlete, always trying to improve myself in my sport, football, where I would train 3+x per week with a goal to become the best. It wasn't long that I noticed myself increasing my focus on bodybuilding as I fell in love with the discipline it takes to focus on body composition and aesthetics.

This later transformed as I realised my love for football was still there and I had to make a choice, or so I thought I did... In my head I believed to be an expert in 1 field you can only focus on that 1 field you can't cross. This may be still true and I urge those that want to excel in a specific area to focus most of their efforts on that sporting activity. It was not long before I decided I wanted to be good at both. Not an expert but good cause I enjoyed having both athletic endeavours in my life.

What works for me is being able to perform well on the football field but also be strong enough to lift in the gym!

Mobility is my new sport where I focus on increased flexibility while focusing on strength. This has been my favourite type of training to date due to its adaptability and the chance to improve performance in my other training activities!!

How Do You Find Exercise That Works For You?

As I said before, i've been training my whole life and things got serious 10 years ago. Over time through trial and error I found my golden eggs, my training regimens that I love doing everyday, and year by year. This can take time for you to find and sometimes you won't know if you truly love something until you put some time and effort into it.

Placing importance on finding this is going to solve many issues you currently face so take the jump.

If the budget can stretch, reaching out to a personal trainer to guide you along that path could be the best thing for you long term.

A personal trainer has the experience working with an array of people, guiding them towards a healthier tomorrow. Not everyone loves exercise but it is a personal trainers goal to find what works for you!

Yes trainers have their specific expertise or way they train but generally a PT will guide you towards your ideal lifestyle.

This means finding exercise that you love doing!

This can save you heaps in the long run!

Enquire today for your chance to make a dent into your future!


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