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When people think of the word niche they think of a specialised category or section of the market and/or population.

Now when you think of injury prevention I like to say its a niche within a nice ahhah

I label myself as an injury prevention coach as my sole focus or drive in the health and fitness industry. This is my passion to teach others the power of mobility training as a form to prevent injuries, improve performance and change the way their body moves in all planes!

What Is Mobility Training?

Mobility training involves directed movement with a central goal to improve a joints range of motion and movement ability. This involves both in the form of strength and flexibility. The ability to move freely within a joint capsule however with strength, focus and direction.

This means your goal is to ensure your shoulder can perform a full circle with no pain but also be able to rotate around, push, pull, throw or perform any movement with force without any restraint.

For example, a golf athlete would have to ensure when they perform the swing there is no limitation, tight spot or limit when it comes to coming up with the club and coming down to hit the ball.

So im sure you did not come to this blog to learn more about mobility training but how it can save you money right?

How Can Mobility Actually Save You Money?

Mobility is as mentioned above a powerful tool for your muscles and joints that if used wisely is the best thing out there today to prevent injuries!!

Yes you heard that right. It is within my professional opinion that the best tool out there today to prevent injuries is through targeted mobility training. Improving a joints function and ability will guide you along a path to prevent injuries that may occur in daily life. Basically you are increasing your joints capacity which means it is higher than joint load (not always as joint load is always dependent on the activity you are doing).

So if you can prevent injury how does that save you money you may be asking?

Do you actually know how to safely recover from an injury? I am in this field and I myself still go to physiotherapists, physiotherapists still go to other physiotherapists for injuries and im sure you do too.

This can be quite pricey but they are the top dogs in a field of people focused on rehabilitation which is very important!

They have a main goal to decrease pain and get you up and ready to move the joint or muscle that was limited due to injury.

I was placed in a moon boot after 2 ankle fractures within my football match and after seeing the physio he was able to decrease the pain I had and get me back into sport readiness within 2-3 weeks after my moon boot was taken off (8 weeks in). This is less than the normal time it should take for healing and therapy however he was diligent to provide me with the tools and program necessary for me to recover a little faster!!

Being mobile means you have a decreased risk of injury

Having a decreased risk of injury means lowered injury occurrence

Lowered injury occurrence means less need for physio appointments

Less physio appointments does 2 things in your life

  1. decreased cost meaning less financial outlay you would be paying

  2. decreased time out of work/sport meaning you can still get paid for the things you do

So less injury means more money coming in, less money going out.

So if you want to achieve more financial stability

maybe its time you start getting more mobile!!


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