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To create balance within ones life it is important to look within. Looking within means taking a step back and assessing the things that you do everyday that make up who you are!

What do you identify as? Are you a mother? athlete? stay at home parent? rebellious teenager? teacher/mentor? or tradie? I can go on as there are so many different pigeon holes or categories people like to identify as and not only that but someone may like to think or say they are apart of multiple identities.

For example, someone may say they are a stay at home parent however also an athlete of some sport :)

What Does How You Identify Have Anything To Do With Balance?

Your identity has everything to do with balance!! What you identify as is important as this is what makes you who you are. If you are an athlete then the things you do everyday should be aligned with that sport or activity. Either to improve performance or recovery from competition/training. Maybe none of those but the sport and what, how, when and where questions about the sport run through your mind all day.

In this light you can truly see the priority scheme coming in. If you identify as an athlete and your mental, physical and spiritual spaces are consumed by the sport you participate in automatically this becomes one of your main priorities and missing it becomes more painful than going!

Prioritisation When It Comes To Daily Life

Okay look... I understand we are not all athletes and can't have our whole focus solely placed upon sport and recreation. Mine isn't also if that is what you are thinking... In this day and age there are levels of responsibility and care that must be taken up by most of the population. Whether this be care or responsibility in the form of currency or finance or care in the form of time and availability. Either way this means less time for you and less time for the things that make up who you are! Unless you identify as a carer then in that case props.

Take a snapshot of your life. What is it that you do every single day from the moment you wake up to the moment you hit the bed. Do you have order? Do you have certain things that are non negotiables everyday or things that make you feel like shit if they are not accomplished before bed?

How much wiggle room do you have to allow chaos to wither within your life? Can a last minute appointment fit into your life without causing havoc upon the things you usually do or the things that make up who you are?

How Do You Create Balance?

Now back to the central focus of my blog ahah

How does one create balance in their life?

The best way to create balance is through making a list of all the things that make up who you are, your priorities, your responsibilities, the things that bring you joy, the things you do when you feel flat etc etc

Compile this list of things and make sure you place time stamps so you know exactly how much time you have in between!

Remember that your life is your life! What you do everyday is mostly going to be up to you so make use of your time.

What Does Your Life Consist Of?

Morning routine

- getting out of bed

- personal morning care routine

- breakfast


- what does your work schedule look like (9am-5pm, 6pm-6am, tasks or KPI based)

- is your job physical or mental? what kind of toll does it take upon your mental or physical capacity for the rest of the day?

- do you love what you do or is it the only way you know how to make ends meet?


- are you active on a daily basis?

- is your activity training or exercise based?

- how long would you be active?

- is your exercise classified as NEAT or EAT?

- is it important for you to be active and moving?


- what activities would you tend to do on your down time?

- are you an inactive relaxation person or active relaxation person?

- how long would you require to be in for relaxation?

- would this be done immediately after work or is this a before bed thing?


- how much time would you dedicate to your relationships?

- are your relationships with your family, friends, spouse important to you?

- how far down the importance scale are these relationships with your people?

- would a big problem with work or your health impact upon the time you spend with your family? how much?


- how much time can you allocate to hobbies and recreation after all the other things you have to do?

- is your hobby of high importance to you and your life?

- would you say your hobby is something that people identify you as?

- would missing it be a small or big burn in your life?

I am very sure there are a few more categories you can think of to place into your life but I am hoping what I have shown is thinking points for you to start categorising and placing importance upon certain sections of your life. By doing so you are telling yourself that certain things are more important than others so when deadlines or certain schedules clash you know exactly how to handle this by putting yourself first.

Placing yourself as the number #1 priority means you are always ensuring balance in your life.

Balance means you = 1



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