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Getting sick is no fun. Injuries, flus, and viruses can affect you when exercising so it's important to take precautions when it comes to training. Resting and allowing the body to recover is can be more beneficial in the long run dependant of injury.

Although there are studies showing that training when sick with the common cold or flu, can actually speed up the recovery process, it's important to take precaution and ensure safety always. Today, we are going to go through a couple do's and don'ts, I want to share with you guys to keep in mind when you guys get sick and performing a fitness routine and come out the other end of it as best as possible.


Give Your Body Rest & Prioritise Recovery

Giving your body your body time to heal can be more beneficial if are facing a physical injury or sickness. Resting can reduce the severity of the of the illness and have you back up on your feet quicker.

Visit Your Local Health Care Practitioner

It's always to visit a health care practitioner when facing injuries and sickness. Make sure to check with your local health care practitioner before continuing with your fitness routine.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of fluids is crucial for for maintaining our overall health and recovery. Drinking fluids when sick is going to replenish the lost fluids from sweat or other symptoms of being sick.


Don't Push Through Your Sickness

Studies have shown training when slightly sick can help the recovery process but pushing through when you shouldn't is never recommended. Training when sick has shown to also prolong your recovery time.

Don't Jump Back Into Your Routine Too Quickly

When facing sickness it's important to give your body the time to heal and recover. Taking the time to rest and gain some energy through, drinking enough fluids and eating a healthy diet to help you get back onto your feet quicker.

Don't Neglect Hygiene

It's always common courtesy to maintain proper hygiene when sick and training at local facilities. Washing your hands frequently, wearing a mask, and avoiding touching your mouth, nose or face.

Remember to always take precaution when sick and still proceeding your exercise routine. Sometimes resting and healing is going to give more reward in the long run. Maintain enough fluids and eat a healthy diet to help replenish the body.

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