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Do you know what types of movement or exercise you enjoy doing?

Is it yoga? boxing? pilates? or maybe its just walking into a gym with your own workout routine?

There is no right or wrong way to move, train or exercise in your life its more about doing something rather than nothing.

Today I am going to go through a few different types of movements, training and exercise forms you can try out to see if you can get hooked in for a lifelong fitness journey!

Strength Training

I feel like strength training should play a part in everyones lifestyles and is the sole reason I put this one first.

Most people believe when the word strength training comes up that it solely involves getting into a gym and lifting weights all day. That is so far from the truth and is only one form of strength training you can enter into. Strength training to me involves testing your muscles, bones and joints through progressive overload training... I know boring right. Let me explain that a lot more simpler for you. You should look at strength training as anything that tests your body physically and makes you push harder every single session. What you are doing is building resilience and strength within your body's muscles and joints.

This is going to help you long term preventing injuries, assisting in the performance of everyday tasks and just making you more confident and comfortable moving everyday.

Let's make being strong cool!


Anyone that is part of a yoga or pilates studio or in general loves these forms of exercise/training will be unhappy with the fact I have grouped these in the same title but I will give both forms the respect they deserve.

I practice both forms of movement and love it!

Yoga to me has become all about mindset, improving flexibility and full body control. I practice slow forms of yoga whereby controlling my breathing, holding poses for extended periods and getting into more difficult positions to test myself. I also practice faster forms of yoga where I would move quick between poses focusing on core and mobility control really putting my body through a workout.

Pilates to me has become very similar however the focus here shifts towards core and mobility control. My focus during pilates sessions is ensuring I can get into positions with focus, control and precision. This ensures my core is strengthening through an array of positions that I will be getting into. The difference here is I may include light weights, reformers beds and/or do sets/reps style training.

To me pilates has become more of a training style while yoga has become more of a recovery/flexibility form of exercise

Circuit/Group Training

I like to group these forms together as most of the time when you train with a group of people you will be undertaking circuit based training. Let me first explain what circuit based training is.

Circuit based training involves moving between exercises in rounds and the range is pretty much unlimited... I have seen a circuit class that had 50 exercises you had to filter through in one set without rest... Pretty crazy.

Basically most circuits will entail you to perform a certain number of repetitions or time within a certain exercise before moving onto the next. Usually you will have allocated rest periods at the completion of a round that you complete.

Group style training is exactly that, just a group of people training together. The easiest way to train a group of people is to involve everyone in a circuit based class as they will all be performing their exercises at the same time to make the class flow fluidly. Even if one a few people have a better fitness level they will just be completing more repetitions in the same time period.

Team/Individual Based Sports

There are a wide range of team based sports you can get involved in which may range from contact to non contact. Teams are categorised by their performance against another team and individual performance is not looked at as highly. You could have an individual that outperforms everyone else on the pitch however be part of a team that does not perform well as a unit. Most training sessions will be performed as a team or unit to ensure the group is able to play well together. Think of sports like rugby, football, touch footy, volleyball, water polo.

Individual based sports are categorised by performance metrics and usually compared against other individual players. This means individual performance is targeted and focused on in and out of training. Your focus is going to be to improve your individual performance so you can outperform other people in your chosen sport or activity. Think of sports like swimming, tennis, golf and archery.


Calisthenics involves the manipulation of your body weight as a form of resistance. Placing your body into more compromising positions that will involve a degree of bodyweight control depending on the exercise difficulty. All you need is yourself and you may choose whichever environment you please to perform an array of movements that will test your core control of your body! Think of exercises like the pull-up, pushup, squats etc

Crossfit involves the use of functional movements such as those used in calisthenics however performed at higher intensity. You will be performing high intensity workouts however the exercises you are completing are functional in nature!

Martial Arts

There are many forms of martial arts that you can take up, learn and adapt to however put simple martial arts are seen as self defence training. Most people embark on a martial arts journey to improve their self defence skills if they ever require one. However, martial arts can also be looked at from another viewpoint seen as total physical, mental and spiritual awareness. It is also seen as an art form and performed at differing paces depending on the martial art. I love practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which is a form of training or martial art that is grappling or wresting based. You will find most BJJ fighters spend most of their training session on the floor rolling with a sparring partner.

Cardio Training

I will also group all forms of cardio training under one heading as most people will understand that cardio training involves the movements or training that increases cardiovascular output. Improving your heart health and lung capacity so you can do more for less effort. It is really important to have some form of cardio training in your life however it can suck!! Discipline is required for all forms of exercise listed above if you want to continue on for life however cardiovascular training should be seen as a non negotiable. It can range from walking around 5000-10000 steps a day or going for runs 2-4x per week. It can involve the use of hands in boxing sessions or the use of legs with running, jumping or team/individual based sports.

Closing Thoughts

What you have to understand is there is no right or wrong form of training however I will recommend something for you. You will need to have some form of cardiovascular training in your day coupled with something that tests your body and mind physically.

Ive written details on all these forms of training so take your pick or try them all :)

Share and comment if this content helps you out!


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