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What Is Recovery?

Let's start with what recovery actually is...

Are we talking about recovery post exercise, post injury or recovery after being sick, flat or unmotivated?

As you can see there are so many things you can recover from but I am going to provide for you something I use no matter what I am battling within my body be it mentally, physically or even spiritually!

For me training has become apart of my life and without training I don't feel that crash hot anymore. Getting injured sucksss and being unable to do what I normally do everyday does not feel good at all so what do I do about this?

I started taking on this journey through mobility training which involves the process of building strong muscles and freely moveable joints. In doing so I am both flexible so that when I get into awkward positions which happens in day to day life I can do so without limitation. I am strong so that when I do get into weird positions I don't run the risk of injury as I can get out with strength and efficiency.

So if I do get injured I can recover pretty quickly as my joints will not take long to get to the point that they have been for so long now and my muscles will generally get back to their strength pretty fast after immobilisation.

I have found a loophole to decrease the time it takes to bounce back from injury and that has been mobility training!!

But What About Post Training Soreness?

Again I will say that through mobility training I have been able to bounce back from training sessions better prepared to tackle my next one with decreased injury risk. This means I can keep pushing past boundaries. However, you will need to follow a diet that incorporates protein at a level of 1-1.5grams per kg of body weight to ensure you are providing your muscles with the nutrients it needs to recover from the tears you created through training.

So is protein and mobility training the only thing you need for a long healthy life?

No I wouldn't say that is the only things you need but they are 2 big pillars that if you started doing them today will set you up for a successful training journey that is free from injury, pain and limitation. It will also provide you improved efficiency and effectiveness in your sessions so you will be going harder and producing better results!!

Your Unmotivated... What Should You Do?

Motivation is something that always goes up and down, no one can truly be fully motivated every single day but those people you see show up at the gym everyday or go for a daily walk/run have something that you might not have. DISCIPLINE!!!!

Discipline means waking up and doing what you set out to do everyday no matter what happens.

Find the reason why you are unmotivated...

- Are you injured?

- Not getting the results you expect?

- Sore, tight or have limited movement?

- Sick and feeling flat?

- Feel like you have a lack of time?

- Fatigued and focused on other things?

Injured? - take up mobility training and start learning how to move your body to way it was supposed to. Humans were not meant to be seated for long periods and instead up and about moving your body in different planes.

Not getting the results you expect? - the best way to achieve results from training is to get consistent. The people you see on instagram with crazy physiques or able to do some crazy moves with their body or lift heavy as weights are just consistently doing the same things over and over again. Someone doing a handstand? they would of been attempting handstand over a long period of time! Someone benching 3 plates? they would of been benching over a long period of time. Whatever it is you want to achieve keep on doing it and you will eventually get there :)

Sore, tight or have limited movement? - get mobile, move your joints, get strong you will only prevent tightness, soreness and pain in your muscles/joints if you move them around enough. If you get pain when moving your arm over your head maybe you should keep trying to push past that point until there is no pain :)

Sick and feeling flat? - there will be times that you will be unable to do your normal tasks as your body will be in recovery mode and want to place you in a state of less activity. I always advise my clients and something I do in these periods is I try and get some movement in. Whether this be forms of yoga, or even a casual walk. Movement to me seems to get my body out of this flat stage pretty quick

Feel like you lack time? - I like to schedule! I get busy, everyone gets busy. That is the beauty of life. There will be times you will have a lot of free time to allocate to hobbies or exercise and times that you can't but setting clear targets in your day to do specific things means you will always be doing the things you need to do for the life you want to live. If you can't prioritise exercise into your life how important is your health to you? Is making an extra dollar more important to you?

Fatigued and focused on other things? - Again this could be a scheduling issue... How much time do you have everyday from the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed? Is the entirety of that time spent at work? Do you have off periods and what do you do in those off periods? Do you move or is your off period spent doing the same thing you did all day ... sit down? Maybe it is time for a change.

If life was easy everyone would be successful! Try and assess the time you have everyday and allocate it towards your ideal future. Start living the life you dream of by putting what you want in your forefront!

For more stuff like this stay tuned with our blogs!


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