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What is up with the 10,000 step rule and honestly who came up with such a random number that has become so ingrained in everyones lives.

Anyone who has an apple watch surely has come to you and said have you hit you 10,000 today. Do people actually care? Does some superficial number on a watch actually bring you joy at the end of the day once you hit it? Are you one of those that paces around your house if you have a couple hundred steps left?

Now look I am all for the increase in physical activity be it that you are constantly driving yourself to get out because your watch or device is saying so it's a positive change from being seated on the coach...

However, what I notice is this new obsession with numbers to be hit and when they are not what happens then? Do you throw all of that effort out of the window, give up and become inactive again...

Its a bleak way to look at it but you should never be too focussed on just hitting a specific target unless there is a goal in mind such as an ultra marathon which I don't think that is in your mind right now haha

Don't get me wrong, walking is so good for you and is a leading force in reducing risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. However the number 10,000 is not always feasible for everyone. If you are someone that is currently doing no steps or under 1000 per day going up to 2000 or even 3000 is a good jump that will provide many benefits to your life.

Looking at it from the opposite end... if you are someone that is already really active and do sports that may not involve walking or being on your feet (swimmers, weight lifters etc) then walking may fit into your lifestyle.

Adding in any sort of physical activity into your lifestyle is always a good thing and walking is pretty easy for many people to do as a daily task :)

I like to think anything that you can stick to and enjoy doing that moves your body is a positive direction away from being sedentary...

Any movement is good movement :)

Make that change today and start moving!


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