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One of the things we focus on at DynamicRecov is teaching and enforcing a process we like to call a roadmap to success.

Basically we as trainers have the skills and knowledge necessary to understand where someone is at right now and the direction they are wanting to go in.

E.g. a client comes to us with a goal to lose 40kg. To get there we will start with a 1kg loss and do this 40 times. If you can do it once, learn the process throughout and you can continually repeat it until you get there.

The same goes for an exercise output goal like running. Someone that wants to run a marathon and can only do 1 km without being gassed out. First step is to gain 1km and keep repeating this until they can confidently do 42km.

A roadmap to success is basically a repeatable step by step process which we teach our clients everyday so they have the basics and principles which guides them from point A to B.

How Does The Roadmap To Success Work?

Most people tend to confuse being fit and healthy as such an impossible or difficult task that requires immense discipline. They see people that go for runs or frequent the gym as 'health freaks' and people like me as 'health and fitness nerds'. But I want to debunk this by saying that it is not hard.

The people you see on instagram or those you label as 'freaks' are actually just good at this thing I like to call repetition. They repeat the same things over and over again becoming experts of the skills they want to gain. If that is losing weight they gained the skill of losing 1kg until they repeatedly did this to hit their goal. If their goal is to get 10 pullups unweighted they kept on trying and trying to pull up until they could do that 10.

They are not superhuman, they started where you are too, some actually had a harder road to get there than you do but they started.

A quote I like to think of when it comes to training is "one day or day one" - Dwayne Johnson.

Say to yourself I will start tomorrow, Monday, next week or you can start today. Make something foolproof and you can't escape it.

Why Does The Roadmap Work?

The roadmap works because we teach people the fundamentals that they can follow through for life. Trainers are knowledgeable and at DynamicRecov we pride ourselves on our mentoring and teaching opportunities for our trainers but the key thing we focus on is making sure what we teach can be retaught in a simple way. Yes we teach the science on how the body works, moves and operates in day to day life but that would make no sense to you. Instead we teach our trainers to take the knowledge they have and make it so simple a 6 year old would be able to retain the information.

We do this so that when you ask questions of your trainers you do not leave your training session confused not knowing what to do.

The roadmap creates a reason WHY do you which is super important and is your driver for working everyday. WHY do you have to do your trainers homework and join the workouts? so you can gain the skills that benefit you for life.

I feel like that is invaluable.

What Does The Roadmap Look Like?

The roadmap you receive is going to be individualised and specific to you and you only. You might have the same goal as someone but you will come with different abilities, different strengths and weaknesses and a different personality.

We plan for everyone and everything as we all know everyone is different. That is the beauty of being human. You will never meet an identical person and if you have please tell me how in the comment section.

Planning for an individualised person means the roadmap you have will be tailored towards you and your specific pattern of life, history and goal moving forward.

You will never have an excuse as you were basically the one that created it in a way!

Who Is The Roadmap To Success For?

The roadmap to success is for everyone and anyone. Now I'm not saying that I can service everyone in the world as trainers of all stages have limitations with who they can and can not work for. However, what I can say is that the roadmap is never limited to one specific population.

We have developed roadmaps for people that need a walker to walk 6000 steps a day, helping someone lose 70+ kgs and even helping someone get from never running in their life to running a half marathon in under 60 minutes.

These are pretty amazing results, the individuals worked hard to achieve what they did but they all did it with a roadmap to success. Ranging from your average joe to sub elite athletes the roadmap works for everyone of all fitness levels.

Closing Thoughts

If you ever feel like you need a kick start, a jump start to your engine or maybe a plan that you can follow through with? Reach out to us through the link below!

Do not be afraid to reach out and let us know what your thoughts are on our content.


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