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You are getting to that age that arthritis is becoming a concern?

Or maybe you are just trying to learn ahead of time, become more knowledgeable and prevent it as much as possible!

Both situations you can learn a lot and get to a stage that arthritis is less of a concern for you :)

What Is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a common condition shown by pain, inflammation and limitation within your joints. It is pretty common to experience arthritis in your spine, fingers, wrist and ankle joint. These joints all share a similar characteristic of encompassing small bones.

This can suck and people that experience arthritis tend to have swollen joints which can make daily tasks less enjoyable or painful to accomplish.

What Are Some Ways You Can Prevent Arthritis?

Now I am not going to sit here and tell you there is some magical way to prevent arthritis as currently that is not the case however there are some things you can do to reduce the risk and manage the condition.

So what are the ways?

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Being overweight is going to place extra stress upon your joints that is going to increase your risk of arthritis. So making sure you are always within a healthy weight range is going to help reduce your risk of arthritis.

This can be in either direction it might mean you need to gain some muscle mass or lose some fat.

Keeping Physically Active

Keeping active is important for all aspects of life but something of importance when it comes to arthritis is ensuring you keep the muscles that surround your joints strong and flexible. Doing so means you have good movement and strong muscles/joints that will be less susceptible to injury.

Mobility training is key here!!

Protect Your Joints

Arthritis tends to happen as an overuse condition. You would notice seamstresses or those that tend to work desk jobs where they are typing away all day (cant lie I spend hours at my desk everyday...) may have inflamed or arthritic finger joints. This can be due to the repetition involved in those tasks.

Ensuring you take breaks, change up the movement pattern or always focus on mobility you will decrease the risk of injury or arthritis occurrence in the joints you typically use.

Avoid Or Prevent Injury

Lets get something straight, I label myself as an injury prevention coach and I still get injured myself... Bit odd I know but you can never fully prevent an injury from occurring unfortunately!

However through training you can fully optimise your joints which will prepare them for peak performance and movement ability however also decrease the chance of injury even occurring at all!

If you do get injured there is a higher chance that specific joint runs the risk of becoming arthritic. What I would do in this process to decrease the risk would be to promote and increase movement within that area.

By promoting better movement patterns and increasing strength within your joints you will prevent injury and have pain free movement for life!

Closing Thoughts

Look sometimes you will find with a condition like this you may do everything I have listed throughout your life and still end up with arthritic joints.

My tips will help decrease your risk and should not be looked at as some magic pill that will fully prevent it.

Do your best and you will find reward in knowing you did everything you could.

If you don't ever experience it maybe you can put it down to the lifestyle you lived being one of joint protection and longevity :)


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