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Showing up everyday is no easy task, of course everyone would prefer to stay home and binge that new netflix series, but would it give us fulfilment? Waking up refreshed and giving it your all day in and out is essential for your overall well-being. It can give you a sense of purpose towards the life you are creating for yourself, or improve your personal and professional life dramatically. I've found waking up refreshed means starting the night before and first thing in the morning with a set of healthy habits and to set you up for a great day.


Quality Sleep

Sleep plays a crucial role in our quality of life. It helps the body recover from physical activity and replenishes the energy levels, balances hormones, and gives our mind the rest it needs for another day. Getting 7-9 hours will help you perform at a peak performance, so getting to bed at a reasonable time is important.

Stay Off Your Phone For 1 Hour Before Bed

The blue light emitted from your phone can distrust your natural sleep cycle, making it harder for you to fall and stay asleep. Staying off your for the recommended amount of time can help your brain wind down and prepare you for a quality sleep, setting you up for tomorrow.

Create a Relaxing Bedtime Routine

Having a healthy, calm bedtime routine can signal your body it's time to wind down and sleep soon. Having a similar routine every night can make this habit become easier overtime. Once you've put your phone away engage in a book, or some meditation, something that will sooth your mood and prepare yourself for bed.


Get Exercise Into Your Mornings

I'm not sure about you guys but I wake up sluggish most mornings so getting some movement in first thing can really help me show up better to each of my tasks for the day. Incorporating movement and exercise in your morning routine can help kickstart your metabolism, boost energy levels and mood levels, and improve cognitive function.

Have a Cold Shower

Getting some cold exposure whether that be having a cold shower, swimming in the ocean or even better.. ice baths have shown to have a range of benefits, both physically and mentally. Physically the cold water can help be beneficial for recovery by reducing inflammation and muscle soreness, and through enhancing the recovery process. Mentally, the cold exposure has a number of benefits and can really help you to show up everyday stronger and better. Cold exposure's benefits include increased alertness, an enhanced resilience to stress and boost of energy that rides through for a couple of hours.

Wake Up With Time To Complete a Morning Routine

As much as going to bed on time is important, getting up on time is just as important I believe. Having enough time to complete a set of healthy habits you believe will help improve the quality of your day should be essential for everyone. Rushing around the house in the morning, will only stress you and set a negative tone for the day.

In conclusion, if you're wanting to wake up feeling refreshed and energised, it starts from the night before, following to the next morning. Doing these tasks requires discipline, but overtime these habits get easier and reinforce into you everyday. Remember to Recover Dynamically, anytime, anywhere.


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