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I just got back from a Europe holiday and here are some of my tips to staying fit and healthy throughout.

Let us be honest here, I love food and I tend to pair my food with an alcoholic beverage that I believe suits it best.

Throughout Italy I was smashing through many pastas ranging from red sauce to white sauce. I found out that a red sauce pasta paired well with a nice bottle of red while a white sauce pasta paired well with a white wine.

So if I was smashing all this beautiful food with wine and sinking beers throughout how can I sit here and tell you some tips right? Well here is the kicker I was able to manage my weight throughout however never limited myself when it came to eating out or enjoying myself. I did this by being conscious about the type of food that I eat and the quantities.

Now this may be difficult for most people to comprehend but look at it this way. While in Italy I was eating a lot of pasta which is carbohydrate heavy. So whenever I was not eating pasts I would go for higher protein sourced meals and foods. This creates the balance between protein and carbs. While in places like Croatia where most meals were protein heavy I would opt for higher carbohydrate breakfasts or snacks.

Balancing your total intake throughout a day or week makes it easier to manage what goes in and what goes out of your body. If I wasn't conscious about this and just went with the flow I would have gone through stages of high carb low protein and high protein low carb.

Yes there were days that I was in a caloric surplus and eating more than I used throughout however there were also days that I was in a caloric deficit due to the amount of steps or activities I would be doing throughout. Also if you are like me on a holiday and love to use walking and cycling as your main form of transport around the cities you can easily get away with a 3 course meal for dinner.

No one goes on a holiday and says I need to keep in shape, but many say they don't want to lose everything they worked hard for. Look at trips away from home as a state of maintenance rather than trying to lose weight. Maintaining is a lot easier than losing so focus on creating an energy balance rather than focusing on deficits and surpluses.

One of the best tips I can provide for you is TRACKING.

Top Tips For Maintaining On Holidays

  1. Tracking your calories - No I am not saying for you to get out Myfitnesspal at every meal while you travel. I am saying for you to learn the skill prior to going away and this can be done in a few weeks of tracking 4-6 days/week. Once you learn the skill you will be able to do something I like to call guesstimating. Having more of an educated guess as to how many calories you are eating/drinking.

  2. Keep your activity levels up - My favourite way to do this is to change the way you explore a city. Opt out of

the classic tour bus and instead cycle or walk to all the sites you would like to see. The biggest benefit of this is you can spend as much time at them as you want without having to worry about missing the bus! You will burn more calories but it is not about the burning calories part, more about the using the energy you are gaining from beautiful food!

3. Try figure out what nutrients you are lacking and supplement - As I stated before, in Italy a lot of the foods are pretty carb heavy which is fine but you also need to get some protein in. What I would do is make sure I snack or get the rest of my meals outside of lunch/dinner from higher protein sources. This way you are ensuring a balance of nutrients in your body.

4. Fluid intake - If you are anything like me then you would be enjoying the cultural beverages of the countries you visit too whether it be a red wine from Bordeaux or a lemoncello from the Amalfi coast. If you drink no matter where you are in the world it would be a good idea to increase your water intake. This is especially true in summer or if you are increasing your activity levels throughout.

4 tips to keep you from losing your gains on your next holiday!

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