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There are 2 sides of the coin when it comes to injury prevention and I know that doesn't excite many people however with this type of training you will have improved performance in all walks of life.

I would go as far as saying, as an athlete a lack of this type of training can result in increased injury risk, decreased performance and inability to ever achieve peak performance.

But tell us what training this is and how you can start it today?

Mobility Training

Mobility training is the answer behind everything you can achieve stated above!! This involves performing exercises which targets joints range of motion AND movement ability. The later being important for later on.

Basically increasing range of motion however also ensuring there is a similar increase in strength and ability to move freely. If your joint is able to move freely it will not have any friction points and will be better able to handle increased loads and forces that may act upon it!

Doing exercises targeted at this result will ensure the structures worked are developed to ensure a decreased risk to injury and an improved overall performance.

Hamstrings - Flexibility, Strength or Mobility Training?

Mobility training involves the combination of a variety of movement patterns and training modules however with a targeted result and improving joints movement patterns and ability. To move freely around a joint with efficiency is the central guiding principle within mobility training.

So my answer is mobility training. The best way to make sure your hamstrings can perform at a peak level however also be flexible enough to be pushed past natural limits is through this training method. Focusing on flexibility training will help you gain more movement in your hamstrings and the joints in your hips and knees. However strength training will ensure you have strength at end range so it does not rip off the bone when you over stretch.

So having your training based around both area of training will provide for you the confidence to improve performance and have a reduced risk of injury.

You will perform better in your sports and also be able to handle anything that is thrown at you in the daily life of a human. Trying to over reach or extend to pick up something off the top shelf? Or trying to bend over and pull, push or pick up a heavy object in an awkward position below your feet?

These situations are pretty common in everyday life and while you can use tools to get these things done safely if you had peak confidence in your muscles/joints then you will have the ability to take more risks when it comes to using your body!

I love the fact that my training allows me to do crazy shit not many people can do! Pick things up with strength in very awkward positions

For tips on how to begin your mobility training journey hit me up on my instagram page - @brendondasilvapt or @Dynamicrecov


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