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So you're on holiday and you are finding it difficult to manage your weight, manage your food whilst still wanting to enjoy your time right?

It is hard, enjoying social events while still trying to lose weight or prevent excessive weight gain right?

What if you could do both?

Would this interest you? being able to enjoy a holiday, enjoy the social gatherings and not limit yourself to salads and tea...

Sitting there eating your chicken rice and vegetables are all well and fine but is that something you can stick to and actually enjoy...

Find a way of eating that you love, wake up wanting to eat the foods you eat and not have to limit yourself because you are currently overweight.

This is totally possible but if you have been struggling with weight for years, even decades going towards this state is going to require discipline and hard work.

Realise that you are going to have to change the way you look at, consume and prepare your meals for the rest of your life because the way you have been doing it was not ideal and led you to where you are now.

You know you need to change but the thought of change is scary.

Lifestyle Change

The way you have lived has led you to where you are right now so why would some fad diet that says get your dream body in weeks actually work if it took you years to get to this point?

My biggest tip to anyone starting a lifestyle change or new fitness/health journey is to add not subtract habits in your life!

Atomic Habits

When it comes to change I always resort to habit formation.

Everyone believes that because you have lived with bad habits you should focus on removing those. However it of my professional opinion and belief working with many in the weight loss space or even hollistic health space that adding habits is a lot easier than removing habits from your life!

Adding something new to your life is exciting, refreshing, cool and gives you that kick right. Changing or removing something that you love doing sucks and would feel shitty right...

Make small changes by adding something new to your life and current lifestyle.

Something small that you can stick to and wont add a drain to your day.

Waking up 10-15 minutes earlier in the morning. That can be a slight change you can add that can provide long term benefits if you begin your day a little more energised and ready to kill it. See how I haven't told you to do something in those 10-15 minutes the task is only to wake up earlier.

Another example could be to eat a larger meal at a later time at night if you are someone that snacks heavily at night. Do not stop yourself from eating the snacks but the larger meal will indirectly help you eat less. If you are full from dinner you are not going to eat as heavily later on right? Small change, longer term results!

Closing Thoughts

Add something new to your life that is easy, achievable and won't become a drag.

Do not remove anything that you have been doing for a long time and instead add a habit that will gradually help you kick the old habit.

New habits are easier to create than it is to kick an old one!


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