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The long asked question: How to be motivated?

We’ve all thought it, we’ve all asked it. But first 'What is motivation?'

Motivation refers to the psychological forces that drive our behaviour towards a goal. It is the reason why we act in a particular way or pursue a specific outcome. Motivation can come from internal or external factors, and it can be influenced by a variety of factors such as personal values, beliefs, attitudes, emotions, and social context.

Motivation is a crucial factor in achieving your goals. It drives us to take action for the life we want.

Motivation comes from within, it's a flame inside you that perseveres in the face of obstacles, maintains a focus towards our goals.

Now let's dive into 'How to be motivated?'

Now look, yes i'm sure we've all seen that cool instagram video or woke up a bit more refreshed than yesterday and felt motivated to have a great day. But then tomorrow comes and you're back to feeling unmotivated and want to curl up and watch Netflix.

Well, something we’ve found over the many years of searching within ourselves, is that without real action, there is no true motivation.

To gain motivation requires discipline. A kickstart to the life you want, whether that be starting at a 10 minute walk a day, or 30 minutes of work at a side hustle. I believe in starting small, and building upon your habits, being consistent enough to do the habit you say you are going to do.

A great strategy to start feeling more motivated each day in and out is to create a set of healthy habits that you are consistent with in your everyday life. My way to kickstart my motivation everyday is something I like to call the 'first 30'.

The 'first 30' is a set of 3 habits of the individuals choosing that you do everyday for the first 30 minutes of your day. Give each habit 10 minutes and complete them in a formation one after the other of your choosing. This can include habits like, exercising, journaling, mindfullness activities like; yoga, mediation, cold water exposure, getting some sunlight on your skin, and even a form of education.

These habits won't make you feel better instantly overnight.. well a couple of them might, but the reasoning of these habits, is to give you that real motivation to know you're making a push for a better yesterday, mentally, physically and spiritually. So you might be wondering what I do for my 'first 30' everyday.

My first 10 minutes everyday start, I like to start with a glass of water and 10 minutes of movement in the body. Getting some exercise and movement in first thing in the morning is going to boost energy levels, improve mood, promotes better sleep, and reduces all those morning stresses. If you ask me it's a no brainer for only 10 minutes of my time to feel this many benefits.

Next I like to do 10 minutes of meditation. The benefits of meditation are again reduced stress, improved focus, increase awareness, improved sleep and promotes overall wellbeing.

The last 10 minutes of my 'first 30', I like to get some cold water exposure in. Whether that be a cold shower, an ice bath, or even your pool. Cold water exposure has been proven to boost blood circulation aiding and promoting healing, boosts immunity, improves mood and of course reduces muscles soreness and aids the recovery process.

Now you don't have to stress and start doing all these things or everything you think you need to do but remember 1% better everyday equals 36.5x better every year and is a step closer to the life you want.

Remember to recover dynamically, anytime, anywhere.


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