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As a mobile personal trainer I have noticed one key issue people are facing today.

A massive problem with energy balance...

Energy balance is the biggest issue faced by most people today specifically those that I have worked with in Sydney!


They are unable to increase their energy levels or even find a balance that allows them to have sufficient energy for a normal days work, extracurricular activities or even living without being fully caffeinated.

Now I don't have some magic answer as the answer is going to require a change in your lifestyle but if you make small adjustments towards these targets that I am about to list it will make everyday life that much easier!


The golden rule is to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night!


This is going to ensure you are well rested and have had the time to reset your mind, body and soul for another day!

This leaves you with a focused 15-17 hour day which gives you plenty of time to work, eat, exercise and socialise with family and friends. Too much of either one of your life categories is going to result in less time for the others. It comes down to your priorities in life and what you care about most.


Nutrition has to be one of the most important however most forgotten aspect when it comes to energy balance...


Getting a balanced diet that is at maintenance level for your calories will be set depending on your current age, sex, height, weight. You can use calculator like this one here which you can input all your values in to find what calories you should be eating every day. Set this at maintenance if your goal is to increase your energy levels.

E.g. I am a 24 year old 85kg male so when I use that calculator and find the number being 1969 calories per day it means that this number is the total I am burning without factoring in any exercise. So if you are pretty active I would add around 300-500 and assess how you feel and what happens to your weight over time.

Next step would be to make sure you are eating the right macronutrients or have the right balance between the 3 big categories all foods fit into!

  1. 20-25% fat

  2. 30-35% protein

  3. 40-50% carbohydrates

This will mean you have the correct macronutrients and calorie intake to fuel your body for performance.

The third and final step would be to ensure you are getting the right nutrients from the foods you eat. Getting a well balanced from whole foods means you minimise the risk of vitamin/mineral deficiency.

Ensuring you add in your fruit/veg, and make sure the foods you eat have the right micronutrients will really push you to that next level but start with the basics first.

One tip I like to do is get regular blood tests to ensure I am not deficient in anything and if I am I will take the steps by improving my diet or taking supplements to assist at bringing these back.


Being hydrated is so under rated these days and it seems to amaze me how badly people do when it comes to getting enough water in their day to day life.


Make sure you are constantly hydrated throughout the day and the moment you start getting hints of thirst is the point your body is already in dehydration mode.

Try your best not to get to this point as your body is already lacking in an area that is needed.

Being hydrated means you are allowing for your body to be nourished and fuelled for a big day ahead with enough water to get you through.


I don't think you have to have an exercise science degree to realise how important it is to stay active and get moving throughout your day. Being sedentary actually does more harm than good when it comes to your energy levels.

Start moving more and watch as your body rewards you for movement. Moving your body is going to signal that it needs more energy and will unconsciously provide that for you.

Move more so you can move more! Does not make a lot of sense but it does!

Avoid Excess Caffeine

Did you even know that having a lot of caffeine is actually going to do more harm than good when it comes to your energy levels.

I am sure you have heard of the whole 'caffeine crash'. It is an actual real thing and let me explain the process.

Having caffeine will give you an energy boost yes but it is very short term and if you are not constantly returning for another cup of coffee you will eventually lose that spike.

Not relying on drugs like caffeinated beverages will mean you went through the other steps listed above which means you received your energy from the best sources!

Closing Thoughts

Some of these rules or guidelines per se should be looked at as end stage or the end goal for you in your future lifestyle.

Do your best by making small steps and creating better habits that are aligned with these guidelines as your end goal in your journey towards better energy!


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