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When it comes to my own training I have always loved trying new things whether this be trying to gain some cool new skills, lifting heavier weights or even trying out a new individual or team sport!!

With this comes a few issues as my body is not always prepared for something new and I do run the risk of injury UNTIL I found mobility training!!

What Is Mobility Training?

Mobility training involves the process of increasing your joints movement ability. Put simple, training towards freely moveable joints that are flexible and strong!

The way you can do this is through ensuring your joints can move through full end range with no limitation. Can you shoulder perform a full circle without hitting a friction point? Can you get an ass to grass squat? Can your knees go over your toes without pain in your ankle?


Your first point of action should be fixing this. Fix your ability to move your joints and body freely! Its challenging and unless you are a 6 year old female gymnast its going to take you some work and structured programming to get there!

Flexibility training is the number 1 component under mobility training that you will have to undertake

Do not be alarmed, small steps can really help you towards a freely moveable body! Be it trying to get lower in your squat or even attempting to touch your toes.

Now, the next stage is really important and is when things get r

eally interesting!!!


Stage 2!!

You will have to increase strength after you have improved your flexibility in your joints. Once your joints are freely moveable and able to complete its full range of motion you should focus on increasing the strength within the joint.

This means increasing the strength in the muscles that surround the joint you are working on. For example, for your knees you should focus on strengthening the quads, hamstrings and calves!

How Do You Fit Mobility Into Your Life?

So as I said before... I am one of those people that loves trying new things especially when it comes to anything fitness related ahha

Mobility is a full new form of training so you should treat it this way also.

This means scheduling time out of your week or modifying your training program to include mobility as a full session rather than just 5 minutes at the end of your workouts.

For me I love mobility training and will actually do a full 45-1 hour session that is mobility based.

Some say that you can't train mobility in the gym but if you live in Sydney that is not the case.

Ive been to countless amounts of gyms in Sydney and something Ive noticed is that most of them have a separate area available for mobility training

I call these spaces the 'green room' for no reason other than the fact its a space that is usually found with green flooring!

I go there to complete my mobility training as its got room for me to freely move around, use boxes, kettlebells and equipment focused on improving my range of motion or strength at end range.

My goal to you is to find a space that gives you the ability to move around freely and increase your range of motion and also increase your strength.

You will become more mobile and also learn to use your environment to your advantage


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