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Alright so you've come here to read up today about whether to use heat or cold therapy methods when you have come up with an injury or soreness within your muscles or joints right?

Well let me break something up for you really quickly.

What Is The Reasoning For Using Cold Or Heat Therapy

So im sure you have faced some type of pain/soreness and/or injury within your body at some point of your life and you wouldn't have to be an athlete for this either. What are you doing now or have you done in the past when in that recovery phase to try and reduce pain and improve performance or joint ability?

You might be the type to scour the internet looking for the best way to fix rolled ankle pain or that shooting pain running down the outside of your shoulder and conflicted with varying pieces of information from these so called 'experts' on socials.

Now unless you understand the industry and are actually well versed in injuries, injury prevention and/or rehabilitation it may be difficult for you to decipher what is true and factual and what is some marketing gimmick to suck you in...

Our blogs are here to break down barriers in the information space from business to consumer providing you with the ability to create your own education points on topics that may interest you. You will be more informed and the best thing about it all is it is absolutely free!!

Going off track Ill bring this back to why you chose to read this blog...

Why Is Cold/Heat Used For Recovery Post Injury?

Basically the whole justification as to why you use heat/cold post injury is to provide a stimulus response for your body to react to!

But what does this mean?

When you get injured or experience pain within your joints you will feel either normal temperature within the joint and surrounding muscles or the joint would be relatively hot in the joint and surrounding muscles. It is pretty common for immediately post injury for the area to be hot, inflammed and bothered hence why it has always been diagnosed to use cold therapy for recovery.

All you are doing in the process of adding hot/cold to your body is giving your body that stimulus to react and do something about the change in temperature.

E.g. if you roll your ankle whilst running your ankle joint and the muscles that surround it in your foot and calf would be hot due to the load it was undertaking prior and during the injury occurrence. This is the bodys immediate response to flood to the area and control the damage. By adding ice to the area you are aiding in recovery by telling the body to prevent inflammation bringing nutrients to the area to cool down and also aide in recovery.

When Would You Use Heat Therapy?

Heat therapy is typically used when joints are stiff, cold and sore. The reasoning behind this is to heat and warm the area up to promote increased blood flow which will seep into the working muscles and joints the warm therapy was added. This typically happens after the acute stage post injury when the joint/muscle has cooled down, inflammation has dropped but there is still limitations and tightness in the area.

Heat = when cold, sore, tight

Cold = when hot, painful, inflammed

Keep these 2 tips in mind when you are going through another injury or pain/limitation within your joints/muscles :)


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