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Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Let us start this one off with a little story...

I was in Greece and if you have any recollection or idea of the country we stayed at a home that was built many years ago. The reason I say this is because the architecture was stunning however it had one flaw. The floor, the stairs and most of the home was in marble.

elbow injury

It was pleasing to the eyes and the instagram shots but unfortunately it was not pleasing if you skidded and slipped down the stairs...

That was me, landed on my bum and my elbow across 8 steps going down from the second floor to the first hitting each step with the point of my elbow...

Since then I have had this shooting type pain coming from my neck down into my wrist which has been intermittent. My initial thought was too shake it off and keep doing my normal tasks and that I did however once arriving back home and going back to my normal routine things started happening.

I started feeling less capable of typing away at my computer, I found it difficult to complete my gym routine the same way I was before. It has sucked and honestly as I type out this blog I am starting to question why I did not do something about this earlier.


I urge you to not be like me and take action in the initial moments that you feel discomfort in a joint, muscle or bone. If you feel like it has become more taxing for you to complete your normal day to day tasks due to an injury the whole 'walk it off' scenario pumped up by society does not work...

I turned to mobility and since I started mobilising my elbow, wrist and shoulder I have seen drastic improvements in the pain I feel throughout my arm.

Doing normal tasks has become so much easier and now I can rest knowing if I continue along this path of increasing mobility in those 3 joints I will not have any pain. I will not stop at the point of no pain I will continue along the mobility path until I am satisfied that I have increased strength, flexibility and total free mobility throughout my arm ranging from the tip of my fingers to the top of my neck.

Stopping short does 2 things that you will not want to happen to you...

  1. Instability - your joint will become unstable and you will always feel as if this area of your body is weak and unable to do what it used to be able to do or perform the tasks the way you want to. E.g. my example I have noticed that doing single joint exercises my left arm fatigues a lot quicker than the right.

  2. Increased risk of injury - if you do not regain total mobility in that joint/s you have an increased risk of injury. Basically if you did not return the joint to its normal ability because your headspace will be in the 'I injured this arm, leg or bodypart before therefore I can't do this.' Or you will do things that you used to do and that joint will be incapable of doing that task leading to breakdown or injury...

I am certain if you injured a part of your body you do not want this to occur again.

Start your mobility training today check out our socials for some ideas on where to start.


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