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I hear people everywhere asking, does calisthenics build muscle? I hear it at the gym, friends talking about it, it everywhere online. The simple answer is yes, calisthenics does build muscle. Calisthenics is a form of exercise that involves body weighted exercises and movements. It involves exercises that use a vary of larger muscles, and whilst you may think machines or free weights are better, calisthenics are a very functional way of moving your body because into positions that are forcing you muscles and joints to adapt to new stress.

How will calisthenics build muscle?

To build any type of muscle, you need to involve progressive overload into your workouts. To start building muscle with calisthenics, performing more reps, trying to gain a stricter form, or a more higher frequency of training is all personal training. Over the years of progressing you can start to incorporate more difficult, advanced exercises, or even add weights to your lifts.

What Exercises Can I Do To Start My Calisthenics Journey?

Calisthenics movements, typically involve your bodyweight against gravity. These exercises may be hard at the start but with consistency you will most definitely progress.

Upper and lower parts of the body can be trained through calisthenics, to really start progressing your fitness journey. Some many include:

Push-Up Variation

One of my personal favourite exercises to build muscle is the push-up. This exercise can be used in many different forms and ways. These type of movements typically involve muscles that include, the chest, triceps, and shoulders mainly. Some variations can include, spider push-ups, diamond push-ups, close-grip push-ups and thats just a start.

Pull-Up Variation

The pull up is an excellent movement, that strengthens the back and biceps mostly. This exercise has a range of benefits, much past just a physical appearance look. This exercise can give you a better posture, and a stronger grip. The benefit of pull-ups is that you can do some many different variations, some including, wide grip pull-ups, chin-ups, close-grip, weighted pull-ups and many more.


The lower-body is just as important as training upper body. Squats are a great calisthenic exercise for getting some leg day in. Bodyweight squats are a great way to increase strength in your lower body. Squats mainly strengthen your quads, hip flexors, and glutes. Other muscles that get involved are hamstrings, calves, abdominals, and lower back to complete the movement properly and safely.

In conclusion, calisthenics are a great way of building muscle, but with anything consistency is key. Incorporating all different exercises, and involving all your muscles will definitely help you progress is your fitness journey. Remember to Recover Dynamically, Anytime, Anywhere.

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