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I want to break down form and technique and how integrated this can be in your daily life.

Ensuring you correct your form and have a solid base for where you perform your skills or movements is going to make sure you are strong, solid and will prevent injuries from occurring.

One movement pattern I love to train in is pushing. Pushing means moving something away from your body and encompasses things like the pushup, bench press, handstands, overhead press. It also involves anything that you would do when pushing away from something or pushing something away from yourself in your day to day life.

How Do You Safely Push Without Causing Injury?

For me I have noticed tucking your elbows in tight towards your body is your strongest form and gives you the ability to move a load with as much force coming from your primary, secondary and even stabiliser muscles!

There are a few things you should be weary of when it comes to performing pushing related movements without causing injury.

Warm Up

The best way to get prepared for any movement pattern is doing it!

Get comfortable with performing the movement with a lighter load and higher repetitions to get the muscles primed and ready for increased load.

For the pushing movement pattern my favourite exercise to warm up is the classic pushup. Focusing on coming straight down but then pushing up into a downward dog ensures I not only get my chest prepared but my shoulders and triceps too!!

Form And Technique

Ensuring you have the correct form and technique when it comes to all your movement patterns is important when it comes to progressions in your training and keeping away from the sidelines from injury.

For pushing movements I like to ensure my joints are all stacked over each other and kept tight. For example, tucking my elbows in tight and close to my body and having the load pressed from my wrist that is perpendicular to my elbow joint.

Range Of Motion

For me having an increased range of motion or having good mobility in your joints is going to help when it comes to any forms of training. Having joints that are flexible but also strong at end range means you are going to be able to move loads in multiple directions safely meaning you will have a decreased risk of injury.

When it comes to pushing related movements, having flexible wrists means you can bend them further with load and they wont snap when under tension. Also, if you have a mobile shoulder joint it means you can move joints in a full circle, push from a deeper position or even move load in more directions than a machine chest press giving you increased movement ability.

So when it comes to preventing injury and improving your performance in pushing movement patterns it comes down to a few things. Make sure you are repeating the movements involved and stacking the joints you use so your strength comes from multiple areas.

Keep strong, get flexible!


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