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As someone who had a complete change in the way I work, from being used to being on my feet all day when I was Personal Training to now being in the office, sat down much more often. Doing exercises to prevent poor posture, will encourage us to accomplish a greater sense of well being. Incorporating exercises and movements to combat the pains and injuries we face can help us to maintain good physical and mental health, not only improving our life but lengthening it.

Being from both side of the spectrum, whether that be sitting down for strenuous amounts of periods or the standing or walking around for hours at a time, and I'm going to give you exercises on how to prevent and manage pains these days as much as possible.

Sit At A Desk All Day Long For Work?

Sitting down at a desk for strenuous amounts of hour can have a big impact on your body and mind, from physical to mental challenges that you might face. Taking care of your body is essential for living a good healthy life. All these exercises can be completed whether you work out at the gym or from the comfort of your own home.


Face-Pulls are a type of exercise that involves pulling resistance towards the level of your mid-face, whilst maintaining a straight, sturdy posture. This exercise engages many muscles in the upper body, to help allow a strong posture.


Just a simple 15 minute walk a day has shown has shown to have many benefits for people who sit down for work all day. Going for a 15 minute walk, whether before work or after work has shown to increase heart rate, get blood flow moving, improve posture, boost energy and reduce that stiffness that you face.

Lower-Back Twist Stretch

Incorporating the lower-back twist stretch into your everyday routine, to counteract the effects of prolonged sitting and to promote a healthier spine. This exercises can be completed every few hours sitting down, standing or lying down. It's wide range of benefits include relieving lower-back pains, improved flexibility, promotes blood circulation and enhances posture.

On Your Feet All Day For Work?

Constant strain on muscles and joints that involve prolonged standing, such as hospitality, tradies, retail, or healthcare, can turn into pains and injuries if not managed correctly. The hours on your feet can cause imbalances, postural issues, and discomfort, therefore performing exercises to counteract these is crucial to living a long healthy life.

Knee To Walls

This exercise involves placing your foot facing toe wall head on, and attempting to have your knee touch the wall, whilst keeping your foot placed on the floor. Performing this stretch is really can really have a number benefits including ankle mobility, improved posture, balance and stability.

Ankle Circles

Getting adequate movement in your ankles in essential for having free, healthy joints, as not exercising your ankles leads to stiffness and discomfort. This exercise will improve balance, and improve flexibility and strength, providing relief from stiffness and soreness.


Squats one of the best overall exercise, used by many for a variety of reasoning. Squats aren't only beneficial for those looking to put on some leg mass. Squats wide range of benefits, have been shown improve strength in lower-body muscles and core muscles, increased flexibility, improved mobility and for it being a functional movement with it involving a standing sitting position improving efficiency and ease of these everyday movements.

To finish off this blog, I'd like to say there are many exercises you can be doing to manage and prevent pains that you may face due to the strenuous amounts of hours you are doing it at work. It is important to look after your joints and muscles to live a long happy life. Looking after your body should always come first, remember to Recover Dynamically, anytime, anywhere.


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