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Daniel Lilli

  • Bachelor of Nutrition & Naturopathy

  • Weight Loss & Gain Nutrition Coach

  • Sports & Athlete Nutrition Coach

  • Gut Health Coach

My Story

Daniel has a passion and vested interest for holistic health and sports performance with an end goal to revolutionise people's health and the sports performance industry through applying holistic health treatment. Completing a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) in 2022 he is now an NHAA registered Clinical Naturopath and is looking to apply key naturopathic principals of nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle advice to individuals of all ages.


Daniel specialises in sports nutrition and performance, weight loss, weight gain, fatigue and energy production. Daniel also has interests in the treatment of gut health, digestion, male reproductive health. Daniel became interested in holistic health due to gaps he identified in conventional medical therapy and aims to use traditional health principals to assist individuals to reaching their optimal health status.


Quirky fact: "Proper nutrition is the key to unlock your bodies full potential"

What They're Saying About The Team

Best choice going through Dynamic Recov to find a personal trainer for my daughter. Her personal trainer has been great with her, and I'm so glad Rianon was selected to work with us. My daughter plays AFL, and he has an AFL background, which helps her in so many ways. My daughter's fitness has improved so much in the past few weeks. I highly recommend Rianon and thank you.


10/10 Ri has been a huge help in getting my training and nutrition back on track, hes super supportive and is a great trainer to bounce ideas off when it comes to training. He also has a great taste in music 😉


In the midst of working with Rianon at DynamicRecov, he has reached all of my health queries and has put all my targets into precise formation! I’ve come such a long way since reaching out and it’s all thanks to Dynamic recoveries. Having a busy mum and wife schedule it’s made it super easy to achieve home structured work outs. Wouldn’t recommend anyone better! Thank you team. Thee best!


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