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Brianna Boljevac

  • Accredited Practicing Dietitian

  • Master of Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Bachelor of Science: Nutrition and Food Science 

  • Certified Health Coach

My Story

After dealing with health issues (Hashimotos) and navigating diet culture in my young adult years, I turned to using wholesome, nourishing food as medicine, and felt the incredible benefits! It was then I decided to pursue a career in nutrition and dietetics so that I could support and guide others in their journeys to health and wellness.

I take a very holistic approach to dietetics as I believe it’s so important to address lifestyle as a whole to really move a person toward their health goals. I also encourage step-by-step habit building in my practice because I know how difficult it can be building lasting change into our lives!

What They're Saying About The Team

Best choice going through Dynamic Recov to find a personal trainer for my daughter. Her personal trainer has been great with her, and I'm so glad Rianon was selected to work with us. My daughter plays AFL, and he has an AFL background, which helps her in so many ways. My daughter's fitness has improved so much in the past few weeks. I highly recommend Rianon and thank you.


10/10 Ri has been a huge help in getting my training and nutrition back on track, hes super supportive and is a great trainer to bounce ideas off when it comes to training. He also has a great taste in music 😉


In the midst of working with Rianon at DynamicRecov, he has reached all of my health queries and has put all my targets into precise formation! I’ve come such a long way since reaching out and it’s all thanks to Dynamic recoveries. Having a busy mum and wife schedule it’s made it super easy to achieve home structured work outs. Wouldn’t recommend anyone better! Thank you team. Thee best!


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